How to write a song – Step by Step Songwriting Tips and Ideas

Do you want to know how to write a song?

Either writing the lyrics or melody ?

Once you reach the end of this Step by Step guide about how to write a song:

you’ll be able to write songs of any kind.
So let’s begin:

Singing might be your hobby or profession, that doesn’t matter. Does it?

All we care about is learning as much as we can about the singing process.

Singing is such a huge field and it takes a complete life of experience to be called an expert in singing.

We keep learning and learning, but the good thing is when we share the stuff we know, to help others who don’t have much resources, this is what I’m doing on this blog.

In my last article I told about how an absolutely beginner person can start with singing and what they need to learn to sing like a pro.

It was pretty fun writing that article.

Now here’s the deal:

Today, I’ve got something more advanced and it is going to be much more fun to write about it.

You might be saying that to yourself, “I want to write a song”. If so, then you’re at the right place.

You know what?

You’re going to learn how you can write a song.

I will also provide you some songwriting tips at the end of this article, and will give you ideas so that you can write your own songs.

At the start they can be bad, but practice makes perfect.

Never get disappointed at your first attempt. Keep trying until you succeed in achieving whatever your aim or goal is.

So, in short, I will tell you step by step the complete process of writing a song lyrics. I’m sure you’re all going to enjoy this article.

Let’s start with the absolute beginner concepts so everything over here can properly understand everything going on.

You already know this stuff?

Even for people who know about these things can review the information and enhance their concepts.

But if you want to skip, then the choice is yours!

let’s do it:

Let’s call them the Core concepts of writing a song.

In all this text below, you’ll learn How to write a great song.

1)  Song and Music

How to write a song lyrics (Tips and Ideas) [Step by Step Guide]

Song is any musical sample sung in a human voice, that has a certain musical pattern and gives certain and fixed ups and downs in music using silence and sound patterns, it usually consists of a number of different patterns that includes repetition of different musical parts.

Boring stuff? Huh… let’s make it simple

In simple words, anything that is sung in human voice and has certain musical elements is called as a song.

The words that are being sung by the singer during the song are generally called as the lyrics.

In simple words the written form of the song is called lyrics.

We’re going to talk about lyrics in detail later in article.

But for now, let’s start by defining some of the terms used in songs and music.

1.1) Types of Music

Types of music

If we talk about music there are three main types which can describe the music, these are not genres, of course.

We’ll talk about genres in the next section.

But here’s let’s fit the tern “types of music” in a box by defining these three types of musical songs.

1.1.1) Art Music

Art Music

Art songs are the songs that are sung by classical singers.

The major difference of these songs from the other ones is that these songs are sung on the basis of poetry.

Interesting stuff 😀

This is the main distinction of art songs or classical songs.

These songs are very difficult to sing for some reasons:

As they require the singer to have a good understanding and grip on the language in which the song is.

The vocal techniques being used in the song

and also the understanding of poetry for better interpretation of the musical elements of the song and ups and downs on the base of poetry.

These songs are often regarded as the traditional songs,

they are part of many traditions, including the tradition of European countries.

The art songs may be sung solo, but it generally requires the accompaniment of piano etc.

1.1.2) Folk Music

Folk music

Folk songs, are now called traditional music songs in the modern world

They generally consist of both traditional (cultural) songs and also genres (which started since the 20th century).

The term folk music was introduced at the time somewhere around 19th century,

but it is also used to describe song types for songs which are older than that.

When we talk about this music as a traditional music, then music is also called as a music without a composer.

Some genres of this type of music are folk metal, folk metal and folk rock, etc.

This music is regarded as a cultural music and is affiliated with different cultures throughout the world.

1.1.3) Popular (Pop) Music Songs

popular music - types of music

Popular songs are the type of songs which we talk about when we say the term song in general.

It is any style or genre of music that is accessible by the public and is featured on TV, Radio, Internet and billboards.

In short, this music is popular and accessible to everyone all around.

It is spread by mass media. In addition to singers and songwriters, this popular music is produced by music producers.

Don’t worry my friend, just a little boring stuff then the actual game begins:

Okay, so now let’s get to the music genres.

1.2) Music Genres

Music Genres - How to write a song

Genre is a type or category of music on the base of which music can be divided into different types.

These types themselves are called as a genre.

Music is divided into several hundreds of different genres because of some specificity difference between them.

As of now, there are approximately 1,264 different genres of music.

Holy crap that’s huge. Isn’t it?

So making a list of these genres would be totally not possible.

But, let me just give you the names of some of the most popular genres because it is important to know the genre of music before starting to write the song.

Here are some genres of music:

  1. Rock
  2. R&B (Hip Hop)
  3. Pop
  4. Country
  5. Dance (EDM)
  6. Christian (Gospel)
  7. Holiday (Seasonal)
  8. Latin
  9. Classical
  10. Children

This list is based upon the popularity of these genres.

For, better understanding I’m attaching a video, this video is made by Viva la Cruz, all credit goes to him:

2)  Songwriting

Songwriting - How to write a song lyrics

The process of writing the song is called songwriting.

It usually includes a few things such as writing lyrics, chord and writing the melody (music).

Each of these things is equally important, and you must understand in detail what these things are for you to get started with the songwriting process.

So, simply, we can define songwriter as the person who writes the song, its lyrics, music and chord.

A songwriter is also called as a composer.

The person who is responsible or the excellence of the song is the songwriter, if the songwriting process was optimal then the results will also be amazing for sure.

A songwriter has to consider different things that are used for writing songs.

People who are new to writing songs are always looking for some songwriting tips.

Don’t worry!

I’ll provide you with some valuable tips as we go through the article.

There are a few things that people do to get the most awesome results possible:

let’s say that a songwriter is very good in writing song lyrics,

he excels in this skill. He’s the dude

but he is not that much good at writing the melody.

So he pairs up with another songwriter, who is an expert in writing melody for the songs but has not got much skill for writing lyrics.

So, together they make a perfect team and do the thing in which they are best.

It is one of the top tips given to songwriters, that they build up their skills in one thing, either in writing lyrics or in writing melody.

But, that’s more than nice if you want to do both the things.

Obviously, you need to have in depth understanding of both the things for you to do good.

So, here’s the big deal, there is a really detailed video about songwriting it is called Songwriting Workshop I with Larry Dvoskin.

All the credit for this amazing video goes to CUNYQueensborough, you may search for them on Youtube to find more of their great videos.

The video below is over an hour having lots of interesting information that might be useful for you. So, give it a watch:

Watched it already?

I’m sure that was fun!

After watching the workshop one, you can watch the Songwriting Workshop II with Larry Dvoskin.

Good or bad news? you name it because this video is even bigger. It is about 1.5 hours of great quality content.

That’s not all folks, this training continues to another video, so you got a lot to learn.

Here is Songwriting Workshop III with Larry Dvoskin:

2.1) Some basic concepts for songwriting

There are many things which could be considered over here.

But let’s talk about the ones which are important.

So here they are:

2.1.1) Lyrics

Song lyrics

So, the first thing I want to talk about, are the lyrics.

As you already know, the words that are sung by the singer in the song are the lyrics.

So, definitely it is the most important thing to be considered because the lyrics are the thing which makes people love the song or not.

Even if the song isn’t very great, but the lyrics can touch the heart of people and they will love the song.

So, it is very important to consider lyrics in the songwriting process.

Later in this article you’ll learn How to write lyrics, that will help you in writing a song of your own.

Here are some types of lyrics that you must understand: Poetic Lyrics

Poetry - Basic Concepts of singing

When you’re writing lyrics, keep this in mind:

Add textual beauty to your lyrics you by using poetic lines in your lyrics, it makes it sound much better.

It increases the beauty of the lyrics, but don’t use too much poetry that goes above the heads of the listeners.

There can be different meanings for each word and they must be used in a way that makes it clear and easily understandable.

In a nutshell:

Poetical lyrics are those lines that add textual beauty to your song lyrics and creates a good rhythm in it.

It means they should be in flow and don’t disturb the lyrics, they kind of add an art and ultimately artistic value to your songs. Conversational Lyrics

Conversational Lyrics - Basic Concepts of singing

In simple words, Conversational lyrics are the lines in which the singer interacts or engages with the audience directly.

The Singer can be talking to the audience or any other character of the song,

it can be in a poetical manner too, but the main purpose of the conversational lyrics is to interact with the actual audience.

You might have observed a singer using the word “you” for talking to you,

it is where the conversational lyrics are used and it adds value to the song. Action Lyrics

Action lyrics

Action lyrics always consist of verbs, so their main identification are verbs.

When the lyrics are exactly telling play to play about what is going on,

it means that the action lyrics are being used for this purpose.

It can also consist of poetical lyrics and figurative speech language.

2.1.2) Melody

Melody - Basic Concepts of singing

Melody is a sequence of linear musical pattern, in simple words it is the order of musical tones, voices, the ups and downs of the song.

The music you hear in the songs is the melody. In simple words, the melody is a combination of rhythm and pitch.

2.1.3) Chord

A chord is a harmonic set of three or more notes, the chord includes notes played one after another, and not at the same time.

Chords are now normally used in the modern music.


3) Step 1 – Observing

Observing - How to write a song

What I mean by observing?

I meant, before you start writing your own song lyrics,

You have to observe the people who are masters and experts in this field.

Why would you do that?

So, you can understand what works and what doesn’t work properly.

It is really important that you understand the musical trends, and the flow of the lyrics.

There are a few points that you would understand once you closely observe the lyrics of some popular songs.

You would learn how they keep the lyrics in flow, how they use words and it will definitely help you in getting a crude idea of how you should write your own song lyrics.

There are still some things that you need to keep in consideration before starting the observing process.

Of course, you don’t want to start observing the type of songs that you don’t want to write.

You will only focus on the genre and types of songs that you want to write.

So, that’s what I’m talking about. Keep these things in mind:

  • The type and genre of song
  • The popularity and fame level of song you want to observe
  • Get ready to take notes of the things that you think makes that song an amazing song

That’s all. This all needs to be done before you start observing songs.

Now the first thing you need to do is to select a song.

Once selected, you need to closely observe it.

You just don’t have to listen to it.

One will just need to have a deep understanding of the song, its ups and downs, emotions, lyrics, music, melody, and everything that you think makes that song a good song.

You have to think why people like that song.

Most importantly:
After all that, don’t just rely on one observation.

Observe many and many songs of the same type and genre from different composers and musicians.

This will help you to understand the reasons for popularity to a greater extent.

To find out distinct popularity reasons, look for the similarities in all the songs.

The major similarities will help you to determine the reason why people are doing a certain thing.

Yes, you guessed it, they are doing it because it is liked by people.

By focusing on that particular thing you can give your song a lot of boost.

It is certain that if a specific thing is being done in almost all the popular songs of your genre, and people are getting crazy listening to those songs.

then what’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is that you should try to do that thing in your song too.

You can also listen to those songs which have some poetical lines,

those are very powerful and can be very effective, depending upon which type of genre you’ve chosen.

Also, if the popular songs don’t have any poetry or poetical lines, you can try and see if you can make something new with this powerful asset that you have.

4) Step 2 – Structure

Song Structure - How to write a song

A song structure is a very important thing on which you would like to contribute some of your time, if you take some time and decide the structure of a song.

In the observation stage you would also observe the song structures of some popular songs out there.

Well, to explain in some easy words a song structure consists of different sections of a song that are repeated.

They have some definite elements that everyone uses in different ways.

But the structure of the song is very important to make your song stand out from the rest of ordinary songs.

The popular song composers use a specific type of structure of their songs so that they can get the most out of their songs.

Now, I would like to discuss some of the elements of structure of the song.

Understanding these elements will give you a better acknowledgement of song structure.

After that you’ll be able to write a perfect Song structure, and you’ll know how to write a song format or structure.

You know what’s great?

Busy Works Beats .TV has made an amazing video explaining the song structure.

The Video is made entirely by them, so credit goes to them.

We’re just sharing the great things over here, so that you can understand the concepts in a great and interactive way:

4.1) Introduction

The introduction is the unique part of every song that is usually used to start the song.

It is the beginning part of the song, generally the begging and starting part of the songs do not have any words, or lyrics.

It only has music. You might observe some songs for this, all the songs that you will observe will only have music and no words.

So, you’ll have to keep that in mind for structuring your song properly.

4.2) Verses

Verses are the lines of any song, they are generally the poetical lyrics of the song that often consists of ABAB or AABB sounds, it always has a rhyme.

Let’s say that two or more parts (sections) of a song have almost the same musical pattern, but different lyrics, then each of these sections is called a verse.

4.3) Pre-Chorus

Pre-Chorus, which is also called as build, channel or transitional bridge is the optional part of a song structure, it is the intermediate or connecting part that connects a verse with a chorus.

It is harmonically probing that will further lead to a full chorus, it is just used to introduce a complete chorus, often effective in certain cases depending upon verses and chorus.

4.4) Chorus

The part of the song that contains the title, and that plays more than once in a song is called as Chorus.

The chorus is basically the main idea of the song, it contains the whole story or picture of the song, it has the idea of the feelings that are being expressed with lyrics and music.

The chorus is repeated again and again in the song, you might have guessed it by now, when you hear a song, the main idea of the song repeats again and again.

It is generally the title or hook of the song.

In simple words:

the chorus is that lyrical and musical part of the song that repeats again and again (at least more than once) in the song.

It often has more power and strength than the verse and other sections of the song. It contains the powerful lyrics, or the title lyrics of the song.

4.4.1) Refrain

The refrain is a single word, phrase, or emotion that does the job of linking or tying the song together.

A refrain is repeated again and again, but it is only a single word, or a phrase, but the chorus contains of many words and phrases.

4.4) Bridge

A bridge, which is also called as a transition is the tool that is used to keep the listener’s attention in a song by breaking the repeating pattern of the song.

In the bridge the musical and lyrical pattern of the song changes.
Think of a bridge between two cities that are different from each other, when you cross the bridge you’re in the other city.

Similarly, the bridge in song structure refers to that part of the song which is just to break a repetitive sequence or pattern of the song and to start a new musical and lyrical pattern.

4.5) Example Song Structure

Tired with the boring stuff?

Need some examples? Here they are:

Let me give you some examples of song structures of some very popular songs out there belonging to different genres.

So that you can understand the song structure based on any of your genre.

But, I would like you to keep in mind one thing:

You can’t make a song awesome by just copying the song structure.

Every song demands a unique song structure, you just can examine the sequence of structural elements of the song.

That will help you in making a great song structure.

I would like to give these image credits to our friends at, they’ve really made the job of explaining stuff much easier by making these images.Cheers to them.

So, let’s start with different songs of different genres.

This song is by Pitbull and Kesha, the name of the song is “Timber”.

Timber song Pitbull feat Kesha Song Structure

The total length of this song is 3;42, and the genre is Pop, all the information about this song is given in the image above.

The next song on our list belongs to the Rock genre, it is sung by Florida Georgia Line and the name of the song is “This is how we roll”. Here’s an image explaining the song structure.

How we roll song structure example

The next song is by American Authors and the title of the song is Best day of my life, that’s a popular Rock song, that expressed happiness. So, have a look at the image below to understand the song structure.

Best day of my life song structure example

Another example is a very popular Love Pop song sung by Justin Timberlake. Here’s the image for that.

Not a bad thing justin timberlake song structure

The title of this song is “Not a bad thing”.

I hope now you will understand the song structure, if your genre of song was skipped over here. Don’t worry, you can google for some examples.

If you want to listen to a live example, then I’ve attached a video down below. The video has been created by Ed Goldfarb:

5) Step 3 – Genre and Title

So, we’re going to start the actual songwriting process by deciding a genre and a title.

5.1) Genre

First, here’s an image showing the total song sales by genre in the US (2014).

Genre - Title and Genre for writing a song

Genre is the type of the song that you’re going to choose, as we’ve discussed this earlier in this article.

So, it is important that you select a genre for your song.

Of course, you’re going to select a genre first, then depending on the genre and the sub-genre that you’ve chosen you’ll select the title.

It is important to make a choice of genre, the type of genre will readily affect the type of music, lyrics and title that you choose.

This is why you should be very careful about which genre you’re picking and then deeply understand if that genre fits the type of song that you want to write.

If everything is good, then go on and select a genre.

After that, move on to writing a title.
Everyone often faces difficulty in start that which could possibly be the best genre for their song, many people exactly know about what interests them, but some get confused.

It doesn’t matter if you’re certain about selecting your genre, or if you’re confused about it, just follow the steps below, they’ll help you greatly in this task.

Stop right there, I’ve got something interesting for you. It is about the differences between the song genres.

The video was created by Jochem Nuva Macare, thanks to you mate:

5.1.1) Should I go for popular Genres?

Most Popular genres

Credit goes to Mashable for this image.

Some of the most popular genres are pop, rock, folk, country songs, etc.

But, the question over here is that should you go for popular genres, I would say definitely you should go for popular ones but if and only if they interest you.

There is no such mandatory selection for you, if you’re not interested in these popular genres, then move on to the one that interests you.

5.1.2) Genres that you find interesting

Genres that interest you

The best choice for you would be to go and take a look at the genres that interest you the most.

It necessarily doesn’t have to be only one, there can be multiple genres that might interest you.

Now, here’s another complication, let’s say there are 3 different genres which are equally interesting you, you’re again getting confused, the solution to this problem will be discussed in the next heading.

Choosing a genre also requires you to properly observe the melody, lyrics and use of emotion in that particular genre.

The type of music that is being used, and of course, the song structure, that is suitable for that particular genre that you want to choose.

So, you would have to understand all above mentioned aspects of the genre before you select the genre that is best for you.

Now, here’s what you would like to do, spend some time in closely listening the popular songs of the genres that you think are good for you.

Observe, which of those genres has songs that interest you the most.

It would be better if you observe the latest songs of the genre because that’s what people are loving these days.

5.1.3) Trying different genres

Trying different genres

You would have to try different genres that you’re interested in.

As we took as an example that there are 3 different genres in which you’re interested.

So you would try one by one each one of them and see which one works best for you, and which one makes you feel passionate and happy to write about.

You will easily understand that which one is best for you once you go through this step.

You just have to observe that there are 3 different genres, so, after trying all these genres one by one, which one interests you the most.

When you write a song about a genre then it would not be difficult to choose between those different genres, because you would understand which one is working best for you.

I want to provide you some information regarding choosing the wrong genres.

There are many singers who changed their genres, because they thought they could do better in the genre they selected lately.

Here is a video that will tell you about them, the video was made by, credit goes to them:

5.2) Title

Song title length - Learn to select the right title

The title is the most important thing about writing a song. Isn’t it?

When you have got a good title, you can then focus on the lyrics and music depending upon the title that you’ve chosen.

The title really is the most important asset of your songwriting process.

You would have to take time and decide which title would be best for your song.

You must have some random set of thoughts in your mind right now, but you’ll have to think deeply that what you want to do with your song.

What should be the main topic or title of your song?

The best title generally is the one which makes all the feelings of the song fit in a few words.

Can you do that?

Of course you can do it, and it would be amazing if you could make the title of the song emotionally powerful.

It would give it some strength, and the title is the sentence that is used in the chorus, it has to be powerful to express strong emotion with high notes.

So, you would have to think properly about the title.

Take your time and take a pen and a copy keep writing different titles that you think could be possible titles for your song.

Once, you’ve decided a main idea for the song, you can now move on to the songwriting process.

To help you with writing a title, I did a quick search and found this video for you, made by Simple Youtopia.

It will help you in writing a nice title for your song:

5.2.1) Purposes of writing a song Title

Purposes of Tile in Songwriting

Before we start getting into detail about the title:

I would like to show you some of the most important purposes of writing a title.
It serves some of the important purposes as given below:

  1. It gives the listeners the understanding of emotional messages that you want to convey, in simple words it will rouse the emotions in them
  2. Does the job of giving power and strength to the song
  3. The main chorus and the high notes line is the title of the song
  4. The title says it all, explains the song in some words
  5. It will invoke interest in people
  6. Sometimes it will make the listener curious about the song, in most cases this purpose proves to be very successful
  7. It becomes a memorable piece of word for that particular song
  8. It contains or it conveys the main idea of the song

5.2.2) Simple Brainstorming

Simple Brainsotming for song writing

Simple brainstorming for selecting a title for the song is generally the best idea.

So, here’s how you do it:

Pick out titles from the surroundings, but make sure that you keep a few things in mind.

The most important one is that the title must be very powerful and should convey a lot of emotion or thought.

Otherwise, it could have all or some of the purposes mentioned above.

5.2.3) Research

Researching for Song title in Songwriting

After doing the brainstorming to find the title, in most cases you’ll be able to find a title.

But, that would be better if you can do some research.

Read some related articles, books, newspapers that are related to your topic and see what is appealing these days.

Also study your target audience and see what they like and what can make them say wow after listening to your song.

Do this basic research to find the best title for your song.

6) Step 4 – Writing Lyrics (How to write lyrics)

Writing song lyrics - How to write lyrics

So, now we’re finally here:

The wait is over. Thanks for your patience.

let’s start with writing lyrics.

I know you have been waiting the whole article for this part.

But it was very important to understand all the concepts.

Now you’ll have a much stronger grip on this thing, now you know all the ups and downs and all the ins and outs.

So, let’s move on with the actual songwriting process of writing lyrics for the song.

Let’s start from the basics, so that you recall and understand all that you’ve learned so far.

And utilize it in the right direction while writing song lyrics.

This section is for you to learn how to write good song lyrics.

So, this includes the following steps:

6.1) Recalling the song structure

Recalling the song structure - Writing song lyrics

So, at this stage you’ll be recalling the song structure, understand the structure of the song that you have to write, in depth.

Then, you’ll be able to put the lyrics of the song in the right place accordingly.

This stage is very important.

Otherwise you’ll end up making a bad structured song.

So, that’s why it is important to understand the common song structure, depending upon the type and genre of song that you’re going to write about.

In simple words:

Just understand and recall the common song structure of your song genre, and decide the song structure for your song before starting to write the song.

While talking about the type of structure, you can use the AABA structure of songs.

That’s the most commonly used song structure that most people are using, although you can experiment with other type of structures too.

You can do some basic research for understanding, then you can start with that.

6.2) Title

Selecting Title in Songwriting

As you have already decided your title.

You can easily use that title to start writing the lyrics:

Make sure that the title should tell the complete story of the song, that’s why write the song, keeping in consideration the title.

It should express in depth the story, that the title says in a few words.

You can also start your song with the title, some people do it, and there is no problem with that.

6.3) Questions and their answers

Questions and Answers in songwriting

There can be many questions as the listener reads the title.

By answering those questions you can make really great song lyrics that everyone loves.

The title always interests a specific audience, moreover, it also raises some questions in the mind of the audience.

Let’s say, there’s a song by Imagine Dragons, the title is “Hear me”.

The title suggests a lot of questions

  1. what do you want me to hear?
  2. Why you want me to hear you?
  3. In what sense you’re saying hear me?
  4. Whom you’re talking to?
  5. Why you’re saying that?

Simply, all these questions are answered in the song.

So, I’ll answer these questions one by one while listening to this song.

  1. Try to hear my voice
  2. Can nobody hear me, I got a lot that’s on my mind. I can not breathe, can you hear it too.
  3. The singer wants you to hear the thoughts that he has on his mind, the tensions, problems that are not letting him breathe properly.
  4. The singer is talking to you (the audience)
  5. I can not breathe, I got a lot that’s on my mind

These questions are mere examples that I came up with, and it took me less than a minute.

Similarly, for your title, you will have you think deeply and see the concerns and questions that a listener might have.

Ask your friends to suggest questions, and see which questions are being asked my multiple people and which are appropriate to be answered within the song.

That’s what I meant by questions and answers, so by following this you can start to write nice song lyrics that are meaningful.

6.4) The Chorus and verses

Chorus and Verses and songwriting

There can be a dozen of questions, and you can answer them all one by one in the verses.

This will make the song interesting.

That’s not necessary that you only answer questions.

You can add up your own stuff too.

But to start with, it would be a good practice to answer the questions.

As I’ve already told you in detail about the chorus and the verses, I hope it would be easy for you to work with these.
For the chorus, select a question that is powerful, that has some action words and power lines.

You can answer that in the chorus.

But be very careful while selecting this question as the chorus is important, it gives the song strength.

So the question must arise the emotions and power in the audience.

Also, if you’re adding too many poetical lines, it would be nice if you could add some explanatory lines to make the listeners understand.

6.5) Usage of Words

usage of words in songwriting

You should be very careful with the usage of words because the type of words you use can determine the success of your song.

Research for different verbs, adjectives and other words that you can use in your songs.

Don’t use very difficult words, use the words that can be understood by average audience.

But this thing depends upon the type of song you’re trying to write.

So, have a good grip on words to write a good song.

6.6) Write all the time

Write all the time in songwriting

Have a pen and a notebook with you all the time, and keep thinking.

Whenever you have something in your mind, then just write it down, otherwise you’ll lose it.

So, be active in writing because it isn’t just a one time deal.

It takes a lot of time to write a good song.

So, write many alternatives for each verse and each line so that you can choose the best one.

And make a good relativity between all the lines of the song. The more you write, the better your grip becomes.

6.7) Practice

Practice in Songwriting - How to write a song lyrics

Everything requires you to practice, songwriting requires a lot of practice.

The more you practice, the better you become in songwriting.

Study different songs of your type, just practice and practice to make your songwriting skills better.

It is must that you practice as much as you can.

6.8) Write the song

Writing the song

Now, assuming that you’ve taken care of all the above steps.

It is time for you to write your song.

Keep all these steps in your mind:

And write a final piece of a song that you think is perfect and fulfills all the requirements as mentioned above.

Select an appropriate genre, a nice title and write the song accordingly.

Once you’ve written it, then move to the next step.

6.9) Correct the mistakes

Correcting the mistakes in songwriting

Everyone makes mistakes, not a big deal.

After writing the complete song, closely observe the song for mistakes.

You can also talk to experienced songwriters and singing coaches to make your song perfect.

They’ll suggest you the mistakes and their possible corrections.

Once you’ve corrected the song then you’re good to go.

That is the song you’ve got and you’ve now finished the lyrics songwriting process.

7) Step 4 – Writing Melody

Writing Melody for the song in songwritng - writing a song lyrics

Now, we’re going to see how you’re going to write the melody.

It isn’t a simple task to do, you’ll have to understand each and everything.

To make things clear properly, I’ve attached a video that will help you in this process.

You can watch the video below to get a full understanding of how you’re simply going to write melody.

The video has been created by fastforwardable:

8) Step 5 – Recording your Song

Recording the song - How to write a song lyrics

This is the final stage of the songwriting process, now you’ve done all the things, and the only thing left is to sing your song and record it.

It would feel so great, after doing so much hard work in writing the whole song, now you’ll be recording that and giving it a final form.

Then you can send that to your listeners, friends and show that to your family.

Make people fall in love with your song.

9) Songwriting Tips

Songwriting tips - Writing a song

Songwriting is a very huge topic, some people don’t understand properly the art of songwriting.

Everyone needs guidance.

I’m providing you with the most amazing songwriting tips that will prove to be very helpful for you during the songwriting process.

These are some of the most widely used Songwriting tips, so get them to good use.

You might already be familiar with that, all the songwriters who are starting to join the songwriting, they’re always searching for some tips on writing a song.

You must have said to yourself that How to become a songwriter?

This spirit of your counts a lot, because of it you’re over here and reading this article.

So, keep these tips for how to write a song in mind and use them where necessary.

9.1) Stick to the topic

Stick to the topic - Songwriting Tips

Your song must be clear and understandable.

Your song must be on one topic/subject so that you are able to conclude your entire song in one sentence.

The audience misses some of the content of the song while listening.

Therefore, write the song keeping in consideration the topic so that you can use one line to give the idea of the whole song.

Repetition of the subject is necessary and essential for the song.

Try to break the song in four or five parts and include the subject in each part.

Stick to the topic without sheering away.

9.2) Extensive vocabulary skills? Eminem knows it

Improve your vocabulary - Songwriting Tips

Take an inspiration from Eminem, who spent hours at night to study a dictionary and thesaurus.

He explained the reason to do this,

I just felt like I wanted to be able to have these words at my disposal in my vocabulary at all times whenever I need to pull them out. Somewhere they’ll be stored like locked away.

It improved his vocabulary and helped him to write songs without the need to open it (dictionary) again and again.

So, improve your vocabulary as much as you can.

It is up to you that how you improve your vocabulary.

Extensive vocabulary and, all of that in your mind, will help you to connect dots whenever an idea pops out.

It will also help you to find rhyming words. And, improving vocabulary will not only help in writing a song, but in many occasions, it will be helpful like communicating etc.

9.3) “Don’t just think it, ink it.”

Don't just think it, ink it

A notebook should be with you at all time.

However, a smartphone will do the work too.

Whenever an idea pops up in your mind, note it fast!

Write words and phrases for later use.

Watch and observe your daily routine and find new avenues.

It happens a lot that when you are writing a song, no idea comes into your mind.

Therefore, whenever an idea comes to your mind while writing a song or not, just note it cause it won’t take time for ideas to go away.

Whenever you listen to a vivid word or phrase, write it down.

Make an organized approach and try to keep all your songwriting notes at one place.

9.4) Rhyme at prime time

Before, I start, here is a picture showing words having similar rhyme.

Usage of Rhyming Words - Songwriting Tips

Rhyming lyrics are important as they give the audience a pleasant feeling.

So, buy a rhythmic dictionary or use online services to help you in finding rhyming words.

Just imagine that you’ve to find a similar sounding word and all you have, is just a dictionary.

It will be very hard to acquire the desired word. or both offer an excellent service to this job.

If you are having difficulty in doing so, you can write down the phrase as it is (in your mind) and move towards the next part so that you can edit that phrase later.

9.5) Take inspiration and PRACTICE!

Taking Inspiration - Songwriting Tips

Read lyrics of other songs a lot. Take influence from other’s creative works.

Compare your lyrics with others and find differences between theirs and yours.

Learning different lyrical techniques will help you a lot.

So, listen to as many songs as you can and write down any particular composition or structure you see.

Your work will improve by the time.

Practice and try different styles.

9.6) Observing the lyrics

oberving the lyrics

For a deeper understanding, you’ll be needing to closely observe the lyrics that have inspired you.

Listen to as many people’s works as you can, whose work is considered as the best of all.

Focus on their lyrics that make their song sound better.

Try to pick up the song structure and the tricks that make their songs good.

Focus on those lines that sound awesome while listening and remember them.

Make notes of the lyrics you find interesting:

So that you can get an understanding of the order of words.

The vocabulary used, and get an idea of what is working best, of course this isn’t stealing, you’re only getting an idea.

9.7) Imagine Different Images

Imagining pictures while writing the lyrics

It sounds weird to write songs while imagining a picture, but pictures can give you feeling for writing a song.

The best way is to create imaginary pictures and scenes, and write the lyrics by explaining those pictures and scenes, how you feel about it?

Can a person listening to those words really see the exact picture that you want to show?

Keep these few things in mind and this strategy will make your song sound really great.

Feelings are really important before you start writing a song especially for writing an emotional song.

Different Pictures can give you different feelings.

There are several examples of pictures that can help you to write different songs on different themes.

  • A happy couple sitting together.
  • A tree in the garden.
  • A flying bird.
  • Children playing in the garden.
  • Snow on flowers
  • And so on

9.8) Spend some time alone

Spend some time alone - Songwriting tips

If you spend some time alone, and think about the lyrics and song ideas, then that can help you a lot to think about the lyrics of your songs.

An alone mind can give you a lot of good ideas.

Carry a dictionary and a thesaurus with you and find the synonyms of different words.

Because the more attractive words you will use in your songs the more people will like it.

Try to go to a place where you love to sit like a garden, a beach, etc.

Sitting alone at a place where you love to spend time can increase the ability of your mind.

9.9) Getting Opinions

Getting Opinions - Songwriting Tips

Try to get opinions from your friends. Ask your friends, whether they get any feeling while listening to your song.

To collect their opinions.

If they feel bad to hear your song, then it is important for you to improve the lyrics of your song.

The more people you ask about your song the more opinions you will get for your song.

And that would help you to make your song better because the opinion of your audience matters the most.

9.10) Keep your song simple

Keep it simple - Songwriting tips

It is important for you to keep your song simple.

Because, obviously, you want your audience to understand your song.

And if the audience doesn’t understand your song properly, because of the complexity of the song, then it really is a minus point.

Here’s how you can do it:

Try to use vocabulary that average people can understand,

And try to express your feelings in simple phrases, and poetical writings, that will make the song simple and more understandable.

9.11) What else can I do? (Bonus Section)

If you want to improve your songwriting and want to receive some feedback on your lyrics.

Then it would be best to join a songwriting class.

You’ll get to see great talents who’ll inspire you.

And they will be there for you to rectify your mistakes and show you the right way.

This tip was not in my mind at all at the time I wrote this article.

I contacted many great experts to get their opinions about this article, and asked them for their expert feedback.

One of those was Simeon Peebler who is a professional musical artist having 2 albums.
For this tip, I want to give him all the credits. Thanks Simeon!

To further make this clearer to you, here’s what he said when I contacted him:

Eventually songwriters who want to perform will need a how-to on performing. I took some classes at old town school of folk music in Chicago on just this thing. I also found and attended many local open mic events around Chicago. Sometimes it’s good to attend these just to listen to other writers. But the performing thing deserves its own tutorial for sure.

As said, you should also visit different musical events to get a knowledge of how things are working.

I guess that’s all for the tips for writing songs.

Now it is up to you to make the question How to make your own song? a reality.

10) That’s all for how to write a song

Good Luck

Okay, so that’s all for this article.

Writing a song isn’t simple at all but I’ve tried to explain each and every concept in detail so that you can understand it properly.

I’ve also attached videos so that if you don’t understand the words properly, you can watch the videos to make things clear.

But, still if you have any questions related to anything over here.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and I would love to respond to your questions.

Share this article with your friends having mutual interests, it will help them to write songs too, also you can share it on social networks to support us.

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