Learn how to sing songs like a pro [Step by Step Guide]

Singing is an art and it is an amazing one.

Singing can be a hobby and once you’ve developed some skills it can be converted into a really profitable career.

So let’s start. Let me show you them most absolute beginner steps for anyone who wants to start singing.

Be with me throughout the article.

When you reach the end, you’ll be a better singer than you are right now.

You’ll know How to sing!

So let’s begin:

I’ll teach you how to sing

Step 1 – Choosing the Genre

Choosing the Genre - How to sing a song like a pro

Choosing the genre is the most important and essential step.

It is not about beginners or experts.

It is about building a foundation and putting your efforts in the right direction.

So, you can master a particular genre or style of singing that everyone interested in that genre will love.

That’s so simple to understand.

Choosing a genre isn’t a difficult thing.

You might be thinking why can’t I be singing songs for all the genres?

Well, I never stopped you from singing songs for all the genres and keeping yourself limited to one genre.

But I’m suggesting you to choose a genre because it will help you in the long run.

Keep everything in mind.

Let’s say you start singing and you do it really good.

Once you enter the professional life it would be must for you to choose a particular genre that you’re going to master.

This is why it is important for you to decide right now.

So, if you do it right now, you will be much better than your competitors who would decide genre late.
So, let’s start:

1.1 Which Genre to choose?

Which genre to choose

This is the question that comes up in your mind.

That’s okay, so let me tell you which genre to choose. 

You must be listening to songs.Which genre have the best effect on you?

Which genre makes you sing the song with it?

and which genre is the most comfortable and easy to sing for you?

In general which is the genre that you would love to do?

Ask yourself this question and you’ll find the answers.

Some people might be interested in more than one genre.

That’s absolutely okay. You can start with anything that you feel is right.

You might be saying, Stop it man I know this stuff.

But my friend, this is a guide that tells beginners how to sing.
so we want everything to be with us. Right?

Now, let’s move on!

1.2 What about your voice?

What about your voice?

Your Voice?

This is crazy:

Yes, it is really important that you keep your voice in consideration while choosing a genre.

It is important that you check that in which genre your voice fits the best.

Listen to songs in all different genres and try to sing.

See which one is the most comfortable for you to sing and which is the genre that your voice fits in.

1.3 What sells the most?

What sells the most?

That’s something asked by many

Keep music as your passion and not the Business.

Singing is what you love to do?

Isn’t it?

So, move on with any style or genre which you come up with.

Put your efforts on it and try to learn all the techniques in it.

Don’t care about what sells.

And yeah, right now don’t even care about techniques and all that stuff.

Just read this article and then worry about the rest of the stuff.

1.4 List of Genres to Choose from

Are you looking for a huge list of genre to choose from?

Well, I’ll make your job easier.

I did a quick search on google for it and found a website that provides a list of genres. Click here to go to that site

Step 2 – Your Vocal Range

Your vocal Range

Vocal Range is the range of your voice.

It tells the lowest note and the highest note that you can sing comfortably.

It is important to determine your vocal range for singing smooth flawless songs.

If the song doesn’t fits your vocal range then you can sound really bad.

It is possible to increase your vocal range but it requires special practices and training to do so.

However, right now we’ll just stick to finding your vocal range.

So, to find your vocal range you will be needing to compare your voice with the musical notes.

Remember, that if you keep your vocal range in consideration.

It will be a key for how to sing really good.

I did a quick search on youtube and found this amazing video by TheResumeManual. All credit goes to them:

how to find your vocal range

So, this video will give you an understanding of what Vocal Ranges are and how you can find your own vocal range.

But let me tell you about some vocal ranges:

2.1 – Female Vocal Ranges

Female Vocal Ranges

2.1.1 Soprano

Soprano Vocal Range

Soprano has a vocal range between C4 – C6. It is the most highest singing voice.

It lies between the Middle C and the High C as mentioned before.

2.1.2 Mezzo-soprano

Mezzo Soprano Vocal Range

Mezzo-soprano has a vocal range between A3 – A5.

It is generally a middle type singing voice range for females.

The range generally falls between A below middle C and two octaves higher.

2.1.3 Contralto

Contralto Vocal Range

Contralto has a vocal range between F3 – F5.

As you might have assumed, it is the lowest female vocal range.

The general range of this vocal range lies between the F below middle C and the second F above middle C.

2.1.4 Alto

Alto Vocal Range

Alto has a vocal range between G3 – G5.

2.2 Male Vocal Ranges

Male Vocal Ranges

2.2.1 Countertenor

Countertenor Vocal Range

Countertenor is the highest male voice .

It has a vocal range between D3 – D5.

2.2.2 Tenor

Tenor Vocal Range

Tenor has a vocal range between C3 – C5.

It is highest male vocal range within the model register.

It lies between One octave below middle C and One octave above middle C.

2.2.3 Baritone

baritone vocal range

Baritone has a vocal range between G2 – G4.

This particular vocal range generally lies somewhere between the vocal range of Tenor and Bass.

It falls somewhere between the second A below middle C and the A above middle C.

2.2.4 Bass

Bass Vocal Range

Bass has a vocal range between E2 – E4.

The bass is considered the lowest male voice.

It lies between the second E below middle C and the E above middle C.

2.3 Child Vocal Ranges

Vocal Ranges of Children

2.3.1 Treble

Treble vocal range

Treble typically is regarded as the vocal range of a young male or female singer, or collectively vocal range of a child.

Trebles have a vocal range between The A below middle C and the F one and a half octaves above middle C.


Okay, now you know about different vocal ranges and you know how to find your vocal range.

But let’s say you don’t have the required musical instrument and you want to find your vocal range online.

I’ve something for that too. While searching I found this video which could help you and if it doesn’t then do a search on youtube and google.

You would find plenty of things that could help you. But for now it would be enough I guess. Credit goes to alanpiano1 for creating this amazing video.

Step 3 – Learning for free

So, How to sing better without lessons,
You can start learning by going to a professional coach or vocal trainer.
But, I would suggest you to start this journey from free resources that you can easily find find online.

You would be saying, “Really? Can I learn singing for free?”.

My answer is, yes you definitely can do that.

These resources could be youtube, or any other similar websites which provide you free tutorials and tricks on all the topics you want.

Youtube is an excellent source of learning anything but always keep in mind there are some experts and some amateurs teaching stuff they don’t even know.

So, all the information available on youtube isn’t 100% authentic.

Some will be very good and some could be bad quality.

So, after you start going through some of those tutorials you will start to understand the ins and outs of what kind of people are creating tutorials on youtube.

But, that’s not all.

You can start on youtube but I will tell you about an amazing resource that I use for all the purposes.

You can start on it for free as there will be many free courses.

The source is called Udemy.

Some of you might be aware of it as it is getting seriously trendy these days.

Let me give you some examples of courses you can get for free:

There are some generous instructors providing free courses on udemy.

It is easy to find free courses on udemy. Click the image to find some free singing courses:
Free udemy courses - Learn how to sing

You will just need to create an account on Udemy or just use your facebook or Google + account to login instantly.

After taking these you can just search for singing courses on the search bar of udemy and hopefully you’ll find some free courses on udemy.

And if not you can just purchase any of the top courses that won’t cost much and udemy keeps on providing discounts.

Step 4 – Professional Training

Professional Singing Training

This thing isn’t a must. But you can go to a music school or singing coach to learn the actual stuff.

But, as you’ve got really great and amazing resources online.

If I were you I wouldn’t bother joining a singing class.

I’m just giving my own opinion it totally depends on what you think is right.

You can either buy a course on udemy or go to a singing class.

And more amazingly you can do both. You can take classes and also buy some quality udemy courses if you can.

You will have lots of resources in this way.
If you’ve really decided about singing as your career than you must know the professional techniques.

You don’t want to sound bad when you’re performing.

There are many things that you won’t be able to find online or from free youtube tutorials.

So, it is always best to learn the most things when you’re making something your profession.

What if I can’t afford a dedicated coach?

That question might be coming in minds of some of you. So, as I’ve told you previously you’ve two options in this case.

The first one would be going to a local choir.

And the second one yet amazing can be enrolling in a udemy course about singing.

But keep a few things in mind. There are good instructors on udemy and bad ones too.

So before buying something over there, see their reviews.

Check are their students satisfied by their course?

And also check one more thing that if the course fits you.

There are courses for Beginners, Little bit skilled and advanced courses.

So you may want to consider courses for beginners or for all levels.

In this way you won’t face any difficulty in understanding the stuff taught in the course.

Step 5 – Understanding the Voice Apparatus of a human

Understanding the Vocal Appratus

It is obvious that many different parts of your body are involved in singing.

When you sing them movement of various parts of your body determine the quality of voice that you will get.

So, it is really essential for you to understand the parts of your body involved in the singing process.

So, you can then learn to control each of that part in a suitable way to make your voice sound amazing.

This is how singing works. You need to have complete control on your different parts.

You will be need to control your breathing, your chest movement and different parts involved.

I’ve got some interesting videos explaining the function and importance of the apparatus of your body involved in it. Credits for the videos go to Chris Tondrea.

5.1 Different Parts of Body involved in Singing

As I told you in the paragraph above that there are different type of parts involved.

So, here I’m going to explain you how and why those parts are used.

So, here is the first video it will tell you about the which parts are used in singing and the function of each part and importance of each part.

The videos might look a little bit ancient but don’t worry they’re still eligible that’s why I’m including them here. They still provide quality.

5.2 Understanding the Diaphragm

Understanding the diaphargm

Diaphragm is one of the most important parts of your body that makes your voice sound beautiful.

If you know how to control this thing you can surely improve your voice quality to a great extent. the working of diaphragm is very important for a singer.

This video below will tell you about what a Diaphragm is, what is the function of diaphragm and how does it works.

Most importantly it will help you in understanding how diaphragm helps in improving your voice and the way you sing.

How to sing from your Diaphragm

5.3 Understanding the Throat

understanding throat

Throat is also a really important device to make your voice sound amazing.

You must have figured that out by now. Understanding the function and working of the throat will definitely help you in singing with a much better voice.

There are two types of throat singing:

  1. Relaxed throat singing
  2. Open throat singing

You will have to understand both of them.

The video below will explain you each one of them in detail.

It will also help you in differentiating the both.

The volume of video might be a bit low so, increase your volume way up to understand it properly.

Step 6 – Practices to improve your Voice

I hope that you’re enjoying the article and not getting bored at all.

Over here I’m going to tell you about the practices that you can do to improve your voice quality.

These practices can be your standing style, your postures, your breathing style and other related things.

These things are more important than you think they are and they will definitely help you in improving your voice if you do them all in the right way.

6.1 Understanding Postures

Singing Postures

The way you position your body while singing is really important.

People don’t pay as much attention on this thing as they should do.

But, you should keep all the points in mind.

Every possible thing that can help you in making your voice better is the thing that you want to try.

And understanding postures, standing styles and body positions are all important in singing process.

After completing this chapter of the article you would be able to understand it properly.

And see what you have been doing wrong and how you could fix it to improve your voice to a great extent.

6.1.1 Standing Position

standing position

You should stay relaxed when you are singing a song.

The best posture to stand is to stand straight.

As it will give you must more space to store more air inside your lungs which will definitely help you in improving your voice.

6.1.2 Head Position

Head position in singing

There are different things that you would have to keep in mind the first one would be positioning your head.

For the head you have it keep it really straight and not bent on any side.

Keep it really straight and relaxed because the position of head really helps in the singing process.

6.1.3 Chin Position

Chin position in singing

For the chin position. You will have to keep it normal. It should be on the right position.

Means It should not be too high, lets say pointed to your ceiling.

Neither it should be too low that it would be pointed to gro

6.1.4 Shoulder Position

Shoulder Position in singing

Should position is also important in singing process.

While positioning your shoulders to sing a song you should keep in mind that your shoulders are totally relaxed and on level from the both sides.

One of the side should not be lower. They should be straight and balanced.

Moreover, keep your hands relaxed. Don’t bring them on your back or on front.

Keep them at normal position and perfectly relaxed.

6.1.5 Chest Position

Chest Position in Singing

To get the max out of your chest position.

You would have to keep it relaxed too. It should be like it is higher.

But don’t apply force on it to make it higher, make it natural and totally relaxed.

Moreover, don’t make it so much straight by applying force and also don’t make your chest collapsed as it will affect your singing process.

6.1.6 Abdomen Position

abdomen position

Your abdomen must be perfectly relaxed not titled forward or backwards, it should have a normal position so you can get them most out of it.

If you put pressure on it in the forward or backward direction then it might impact your singing process.

6.1.7 Hip Position

Hip Position in singing

If we talk about your hip position, you might have already guessed what you have to do.

You have to keep it relaxed not moved to left or right side and not even backward or forward.

It should have a normal straight and relaxed position.

There are some other things also discussed in the video below, this video is created by Rae Henry, all credit goes to her for creating this amazing and detailed video about postures of singing.

It will definitely help you in understanding everything in a much better way as the video is really detailed and informative.

6.2 Understanding the breathing Process

Understanding the Breathing process in singing

Breathing is the most important thing contributing in your singing process.

If you know how to breathe properly then you can sing in a great way.

It is really important that you get a detailed knowledge about how the breathing process works and how it helps in making your voice sound much more better.

So, here are a few points that you would like to keep in consideration:

  • If you want to sing more amazingly, you would have to sing deeply and strongly from your lower lungs. It will really help you in getting better
  • One more thing that you can do is you would have to breather in using your nose but when you’re breathing out you can use both your nose and mouth. It will also increase the quality of your voice in most cases.
  • Don’t raise your shoulders high, also don’t put them too low it will affect your breathing process and result in poor voice
  • Keep your head straight relaxed, as it is the amplifier of your voice and if you keep it relaxed you would be able to breather better.
  • Don’t apply any kind of tension on your chest, as it will highly affect your breathing process.
  • Also don’t apply tension on your abdomen as it will equally affect your singing process.
  • Don’t add tension to your voice, keep it relaxed as much as you can. it will help you in getting the most out of the breathing process.

Guess what? I’ve go another amazing video by Rae Henry to help you in understanding this process.

It is a highly detailed and in depth video explaining you how the breathing process works, how you can maximize it.

It will answer all the questions that you might have in your mind.

So, it is a must that you give this video a watch.

6.3 Understanding the Warmups and Cool Downs

Warm-Ups and Cool Downs in Singing Process

As you might have understood by the word warmups.

As you would have heard in exercise that you would have you warmup before doing the actual thing.

It is must that you make your body ready to do the hard stuff.

It is exactly the same when we talk about singing.

Warmups help your voice to become stable and ready so you can get on with the singing process.

Warming up increases the quality of your voice and it will maximize the results that can get.

It will make your voice much more stable and amazing.

It is the most important thing that you have to do every time you are going to sing a song.
Here is a video explaining completely what are they, how they work and all the exercises you need to know about it.

This video will increase your understanding about all this process.


6.4 Pronouncing vowels in the right way

Pronouncing Vowels in the right Way

If you don’t pronounce your vocals in the right way it can damage your voice.

You really need to understand the pronunciation of vowels.

It is just a little understanding that can help you in making your voice sound much more better.

And you might have figured out the importance of vowels.

All you of have listened to songs which would never be as good as they are if the singers wouldn’t be saying ohhh, ahhh, uhhh and other sounds like that.

They’re just examples of vowels and it is not the end vowel sounds are really important and they’re involved everywhere.

So, you must understand it if you want to sing better.

Here is a video from ehowmusic, explaining you how to pronounce the vowels in the right way to maximize your voice quality.

6.5 The 3P Forumula

The 3P Formula

Most of you know what I mean by this 3P formula.

Nop, that’s not a mathematics or physics formula that would be difficult to understand.

There are 3 Ps, Practice, Practice and Practice.

This is really what you need when you’ve reached this point.

Now you understand almost everything you need to know.

Once you start practicing you will understand more things, and more questions will also arise.

Nothing can be done without doing practice, and especially in singing the more you practice the more stable and sweet your voice will become.

Keep practicing and understand the singing process.

Because it is an art that no one can understand completely but if we practice constantly we can learn enough to be a good singer.

Isn’t it? So, let’s get on it

Step 7 – Some things to keep in mind

Things to keep in mind in singing

Now that you’ve learned all the things and practiced enough that you are ready to sing in front of a group of people.

Those people can be your family, your friends or your classmates.

But, it feels awesome to giving your first shot. But, on the other hand you feel nervous and shy.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when you’re going to sing for the first time.

7.1 Confidence

Confidence in Singing

Confidence is really important in singing, if you’re not confident and showing lack of confidence while you’re singing.

It will put a huge negative impact.

Also, when you’re not confident you would never be able to sing in the best way.

You would miss the energy that you could have got if you were confident.

Now, let me make you clear.

You have learned all the things you need, you have practiced enough that you know what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it.

So you the heck you’re not confident? you’re the best singer among your friends. Isn’t it?

So act like it and sing with confidence because you’re a good singer.

You really are. Don’t get disappointed at anything that happens in the first attempt.

Everyone makes mistakes, and no one has became a super singer without committing mistakes.

7.2 Expectations

Expectations in Singing Process

Don’t have high expectations. It is your first ever try to sing in front of audience.

So, don’t expect that they will start dancing and jumping because of your song.

Keep your expectations low, and aims high.

Sing with full power, and enjoy that.

The lower your expectations will be the more you will be happy if you got good results.

But if you have high expectations and you don’t get the reactions you’re expecting then you will lose hope and things like that.

So, this is an important point to be kept in mind.


Step 8 – That’s not the End

To conclude the article I would like to say:

The good thing about singing is that you’ll be doing what you love and you’ll have that as your profession.

But becoming professional is a really difficult task. I’m not a professional singer.

But, I’m a researcher and writer. I’ve spent weeks of hard work in collecting all the golden and useful information that you read in this article.

I’ve tried my best to cover each and every thing so that it doesn’t create any trouble for you and at the end you won’t be saying that something was missing.
You must be asking yourself Can I sing?, I want to learn how to sing, I want to sing, how can I learn how to sing, Can I learn to sing?, Can anyone learn to sing or is it natural?.

Awesome, so you ask these questions to yourself?

That’s pretty much what everyone does.

It proves that you have to potential to sing and you can sing like a real pro but singing like a professional isn’t achieved in a matter of seconds by pressing a magic button.

It takes a lot of time and lots of practice that you will be doing.

But the most important thing in this aspect is putting your efforts in the right direction.

If you try to do it in the right way.

One day you’ll be able to do it in the right way.

This is not the end, not yet.

If you have made it successfully through all this.

There is a bright singing future waiting for you.

Keep going like you are and one day you will definitely find a chance that could change your life.

So, what do I expect from you?

I would like to say that I really enjoyed writing this article and helping you people.

It took me weeks to complete it, and I did it for you people.

So, I want to ask you to do one thing for me. Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or email them and tell them about it.

As it is said  “Sharing is caring”, share with the people who want to learn singing.

So, they can also learn how to sing.

I’ve tried my best to keep everything I could in the article, but singing is a huge thing.

Tens of books can also not explain the whole process.

So, feel free to suggest me anything that you want to include in the article.

Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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