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How to Sing Vibrato?
Before I start, I want you to know that vibrato is a skill, which CAN be learned by ANY singer.

Vibrato is an essential part of a song.

In fact, a voice gets its beauty from vibrato.

It is an important part of a healthy and strong voice.

However, in modern music, its value is diminishing but still, it’s an indication of a wonderful vocal technique.

Before answering, “How to sing vibrato?” I would like to answer this question first, “What is vibrato?” 

Vibrato is rapid fluctuation and variation in the pitch of a note. 

When our vocal cords oscillate and the air around them move back and forth, they create an effect of a very fast moving pitch.

Vibrato occurs when a singer changes pitch quickly, for example:

Singing middle C then, a little higher C and again middle C then, a higher C and so on…

Some people don’t know how to produce vibrato thus, have a straight tone and some have a big and bulky vibrato, while others experience wobble.

So, there must be a control on vibrato to do wonders in singing.

How to sing vibrato?

Proceed  forward to see, as I’ll tell you exactly how to sing vibrato naturally.

Introduction to vibrato

Wait, WHAT?!

It sounds literary.


Well, most of us can’t develop natural vibrato because we haven’t discovered our vibrato yet.

We must introduce ourselves to our own vibrato and once we have triggered the vibrato, we improve and perfect it.

Consider doing the following vibrato singing exercise:

  1.  Start singing a particular note of your vocal range.
  2.  While singing just push gently, with the palm of your hand, the area above your belly button. Notice that, you go below the note you are singing.
  3. Now keep pushing and releasing your hand 4 or 5 times a second.

This is how you will be introduced to the vibrato. And you will now know, how it feels to sing vibrato.

Now, recreate vibrato without the help of pumping yourself with the hand.

If you face difficulty in doing so, repeat the exercise again and remember the ‘feeling’ produced.

And, again try to produce vibrato.

Remember this is just a rough vibrato produced by the exercise.

And you’ll produce wobble at first, but after the exercise when you try doing it without your hand’s support, use your breath as a support and produce vibrato.

Some instructors don’t encourage the above exercise but I recommend doing this to know how to produce vibrato and to feel what you vibrato is.

I shared this exercise because I want you to learn how to sing vibrato quickly.

Even if there is only a tiny, little vibrato in your voice, you have to catch up on it.

And improve your vibrato by just practicing and catching up this natural vibrato.


Speed is the correct answer

The more grip you have on changing pitches faster, better and effective your vibrato is.

Remember, there is a difference between vibrato and tremolo.

So, only moderate speed is required for vibrato.

Take a look at the frequencies of vibrato, tremolo and wobble respectively:

Speed for singing vibrato
A normal vibrato consists of about 2-3 changes in pitch at second.

If we are singing a C and singing C#, and again singing C, at the rate of about 5-6 cycles per second then we are definitely singing with great vibrato.

I recommend singing a particular note (in your vocal range) and then sing a note a little higher, then, again sing the little lower note and practice doing this every day.

Surely, you will speed up the cycle of singing back and forth.

So, one can say that this skill can be mastered and learned by practice and hard work with dedication.

How to control vibrato? Breath.

Breath for singing vibrato

Breathing is the answer.

The sound travels through air.

Was that even worth mentioning? Duh!

Having a grip on the ‘air’ flowing out of your mouth is very important.

Vocal stamina is a key to have air as an effective support in singing vibrato.

Taking deep breath and having control over releasing it evenly will be useful for good vibrato.

And to use your breathe as a support to vibrato, we should have an open throat.

After producing the vibrato, we must perfect it and to do so, practice is to to be done vigorously.

Not too forcibly that you stress your muscles and don’t produce satisfying results, but still practice for about 15 minutes a day on breathing in the right way.
Refer to this exercise:

  1. Steadily take and release breathes i.e,  in 3 seconds take a breath in and in 3 seconds take breathe out evenly.
  2. Practice by doing it multiple times.
  3. Now, after taking breath, instead of releasing breathe, sing a simple note similarly like the releasing the breathe.
  4. Now increase the time-span up to 10 seconds and do the same.

Breath is very important.

Once you learn to control your breath.

You will learn how to control your singing vibrato easily.

How to sing vibrato on high notes

Singing vibrato and singing it in your head voice, is a challenge.

First you must be introduced to your head voice and you must know about your high notes very well.

Don’t just pull your voice up and then perform vibrato on it forcefully.

Because doing so will create some problems vocally and that’s not a good sign of singing.

Sing from the diaphragm instead of throat muscles.

Select higher vocal note ranges and just like other vocal ranges try singing the higher notes.

Sometimes people trigger vibrato easily on higher notes than on lower notes.

Here’s a video of a person performing vibrato on high notes:

Just remember that you won’t develop vibrato immediately or overnight, it takes weeks, months or even years to develop your natural vibrato.

Double-P formula is required to learn singing vibrato, and that is Patience and Practice

You should develop control on your diaphragm as well as on vocal muscles, because when both of these two vibrate simultaneously combined, vibrato is produced.

The importance of vibrato is beyond words, at least to an instructor like me as I consider it a supercalifragilistic vocal technique.

Any questions?

Please feel free to ask by commenting below.

I hope that you have learned a lot from this article and now know the answer of this question you searched for “how to sing vibrato?” And I wish you success in your singing journey.

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